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Caregiving Marketing

Your Premier Partner for Homecare Marketing 

At Caregiving Marketing, we stand as more than just a marketing agency; we are your dedicated ally in shaping the success of your cargiving company.

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Our Mission

Caregiving Marketing is on a mission to empower non-medical caregiving companies with straightforward and effective marketing solutions. Rooted in the entrepreneurial spirit and familial ties, we strive to be your dedicated partner in building sustainable and thriving businesses within your community.

Official Partner

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Our Story

With over a decade of healthcare marketing experience, Michael Ayjian and Stephen Skeel built an Emmy®-winning, multi-million dollar marketing agency. They were instrumental in Wasabi Technologies' remarkable growth from a $25M valuation to over $1B+, and are an official NASDAQ partner. Other notable clients include Blue Shield of California, Jefferson Health, American Heart Association, AmerisourceBergen and more. 

Both Michael and Stephen come from families of small business owners. However, they realized their enterprise marketing product was too complex to benefit their own family’s businesses. 
Skeel and Ayjian became determined to create a solution for small businesses that could benefit their own families. 

Stephen’s wife, Victoria works at a caregiving company and was struggling to build a sustainable marketing plan. Ayjian and Skeel built Caregiving Marketing as a full-service solution to this problem for in-home healthcare companies. 

Stephen Skeel

Michael Ayjian

Caregiving Company Marketing Plan

Did you know that on average, 80% of leads in the homecare industry come from referrals? At Caregiving Marketing, our primary focus is on building robust referral networks, emphasizing strategies that resonate with the local community.

Our Marketing in a box approach involves these 5 steps

Basic Marketing Fundamentals

Establish SEO authority, optimize website and reviews on Google My Business, ensure you are listed on local directories and more

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Google Ads Campaign

Elevate your online presence through a strategic Google Ads campaign, inspired by successful agencies. Enhance visibility and connect with your audience effectively.

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Newsletter Engagement

Establish a connection with your audience through a personalized newsletter, adopting tactics proven to strengthen client relationships. Keep your audience engaged and informed.

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Targeted Email and Ad Campaign

Conduct targeted email campaigns to key business roles in your geography that could refer client business for commission, Forge valuable connections within your community to enhance your network.

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Ongoing optimization

Update the strategy based on results to ensure you get a continual flow of referrals and opportunities 

Done-for-you starting at $2,000/mo

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Caregiving Marketing: 
Your In-Home Healthcare Marketing Solution

Why Choose Caregiving Marketing?

Elevate Your Brand, Connect with Your Community

Regional Precision:

Embrace the power of regional precision. Be the first to register in your zip code and let us tailor marketing strategies to the unique needs of your community.

Marketing in a Box:

Simplify your marketing needs with our turnkey Marketing-in a Box solution. Focus on delivering exceptional in-home healthcare while we streamline your marketing efforts.

Customized for Your Niche:

Our strategies are finely tuned to address the unique challenges of the in-home healthcare industry. Customize our solutions for your business, reflecting industry-leading practices.

Proven Strategies, Simplified:

Benefit from the distilled expertise of Michael Ayjian and Stephen Skeel. We bring proven, complex enterprise-level strategies into an accessible and effective marketing plan.

Exclusive Regional Registration:

Be a pioneer in your area by registering your zip code. Gain exclusivity and access tailored marketing strategies to guide your business to success.

How It Works

Sign up for our “Done-for-You” solution:

When you sign up, we conduct an analysis of your current marketing situation and craft a customized marketing plan just for you based on our proven process.

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Deploy Your Marketing Strategy:

We initiate the five steps of our proven solution to elevate your business.

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Watch Your Business Thrive:

Witness the transformation of your in-home healthcare business. Benefit from increased visibility, enhanced referral networks, and a steady stream of leads.

Join Caregiving Marketing Today

Get a free marketing analysis of your business detailed in a comprehensive PDF

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